Leading By Example…No More Career Politicians!

The issue of term limits, as with earmarks (as published by the Wichita Eagle, click here), is another key difference in this race. When polled, 60-70% of Americans want to impose term limits on all their elected officials. I am the only candidate who has publicly pledged an enthusiastic readiness to sign term limits legislation (as published by the Wichita Eagle, click here), and did so not under political pressure, but because it is what our country needs.

My opponents have either said that they “do not want to limit themselves,” click here), say that they will sign it if others will, rather than leading by example, have been conspicuously silent on the issue, or have epitomized Washington double talk by saying that they are not going to be career politicians, but have not publicly pledged to sign it.

When the Founding Fathers created our Government, they never expected it to be a place to for a career, but Thomas Jefferson, among others, recognized this as an issue stating, "to prevent every danger which might arise to American freedom by continuing too long in office…”. It has clearly become a problem due to the 17th amendment, unconstitutional campaign finance reform, and the growing habit of politicians grant themselves increases in perks. The 17th amendment needs to be reversed, campaign finance reform is unconstitutional, and I do not believe that elected officials need to be able to continually vote themselves raises at will.

While there are some good public servants, we do not amass a $12 trillion deficit (and growing quickly) because we only have good representatives. A continuing turnover of people in Congress will maintain a more constant touch with Main Street. We have it for the Presidency, and many states already have it for local officials. Being the only candidate who has publicly made this pledge, shows that I am listening to you.

That is the difference between being a representative versus another politician.