I Am The Strongest Candidate On Taxes…Period!

Taxes are an enormously important issue, and are a major cornerstone of my campaign. Taxation holds very real consequences for our economy and our society. One of the biggest differences between my opponents and I is on our position on taxes. I have and will continue to fight for real reform via the Fair Tax plan. Why is this so important? It would represent the single greatest return of economic liberty since the country was founded.

Today, we guide through 7 billion words and spend 10 billion hours to complete taxes every year. We have one of the most unfriendly tax policies for working class people and businesses in the world, and are causing jobs to leave the country and incomes to stagnate.

To my amazement, all but one of my opponents have publicly stated that now is not the time for meaningful tax reform, or say that they just want to reduce marginal rates. This should be as clear to you as it is to me that they just do not get it. Given the state of our economy and the unconstitutional taxing policies by our Government, simply being a “low tax guy” is not nearly enough.

Simply adjusting marginal tax rates at this point is like putting a new window in a dilapidated building.

From a societal perspective, too many families have been forced to become dual income, which means that children now receive less care from a stay at home parent, and where the television takes the place of parental attention. In a dual income home, one parent is working to earn income for the family, and the other to pay the Government. Meaningful tax relief would enable more families a choice.

So what do you think?

Do you not pay more than your fair share?
Do you like spending hours each year on a tax maze and worry about being audited?
Does the Government know how to utilize your money better than you do?

The time for tax reform is now!

Why The Fair Tax?

I am a very strong supporter of the Fair Tax plan, which as the name implies, is a fairer option for all Americans. We would transition from an invasive tax that penalizes productivity, investment, and savings, to one flat rate on consumption. Everyone pays taxes, including illegal aliens, but all taxes paid on basic necessities are returned. The Fair Tax will not tax food, housing, or shelter expenses, as well as emliminating taxes on all used items, you pay it one time, and one time only. Moving to a Flat Tax or National Sales Tax will not eliminate the IRS. Only the Fair Tax does. No more tax forms. No more audits.

Should the Fair Tax not be in a position to pass, but a flat tax or national sales tax could, I would support them as a step towards the Fair Tax, so long as they excluded the addition of a VAT tax, and would also fight for the elimination of taxes on capital gains, dividends, and the death tax. Our Government needs to right size itself in order to tax each dollar only once, and we need to be the most capital friendly country in the world.

Why Am I The Strongest Candidate On Taxes?

Some of those running say that the Fair Tax is a long shot. Some even say that they do not ever think it will be passed. To me, that is the lazy answer, I do not accept it, and neither should you. Americans have always been fighters, and this plan has the ability to become a reality if your chosen elected officials fight for it.

Real representatives are pushing this issue to the forefront. Politicians aren’t because by removing the power that comes with significant taxation, power is transferred from the Government’s hands into yours. The less revenue they have, the less involvement they will have in our lives.

If you are tired of the current tax system and having to give the Government so much of what you work for, than please give me your support.

I will actually fight for what is we really need, not just settle for what is easy.