The Strongest Military, Seal The Border, Destroy Terrorism, & Stop Policing The World!

As a Constitutional Conservative, I am continually arguing for a smaller government. National defense is the key function of the Federal Government, and I proudly support investment in maintaining our position as the world’s strongest military power. I believe in Reagan’s position of peace through strength. Those who considered attacks against America knew that the wrath of our military was unwavering. The United States must do what is necessary to defend our liberty and economic interests.

I will fight for the honor and respect that our soldiers and intelligence people deserve both during and after service, not prosecution, as I am disgusted by the actions of those who obviously loath the military, and are gladly willing to convict those who legally do their jobs, while at the same time showing compassion for terrorists who want to kill us.

I believe that there are a number of actions that need to be undertaken to increase our national defense, as well as do so in a more fiscally responsible manner.

Domestic Policy:

* Seal our borders – utilize troops and technology in order to do it. Although the challenge seems ominous, we must have the political will to do it, and I do! We must know who and what is coming in and out of the country. This also means applying pressure to our border neighbors, especially those to our south, to do the same. Mexico receives too much benefit of allowing illegals to enter the U.S., without the costs

* Screen all cargo – the technology is available, and we need to allocate resources to do it

* Protect Citizens Without Violating The Constitution – we must continue adapting our strategy to deal with terrorists, who are a different enemy, but must do so in a manner that protects the civilian rights of Americans

* Fight To Win – if we elect to go to war, we must be there in order to fight and win. The Administration’s policy regarding how we can attack the enemy is a disaster, and it puts our troops in danger. The objective must be to go in, crush the enemy, and bring our troops back home

* Support Israel – as the truest democracy in the Middle East, and an economic partner, the U.S. needs to support Israel. Our policy has been too inconsistent over the years, and I, as well as many others, believe that it is incorrectly anti-Israel today under the Obama administration

* Treat Terrorists Like Terrorists – I am truly appalled by the current administration’s handling of the war on terror. We should not elect to bring terrorists onto our soil. They should be kept at Guantanamo, be interrogated, and given a military trial. They need to be treated as an enemy combatant, not read the Miranda rights given to U.S. citizens

*Better Managing The Taxpayer's Dollars

Supporting the strongest military is not inexpensive, but our Government needs to be better stewards of taxpayer money. One of the biggest problems is with the earmarks and special deals for the defense contractors. My pledge to fight to eliminate all earmarks, the only candidate to do it, will improve upon the problem (as published by the Wichita Eagle, click here).

We Need To Address:

* No bid contracts
* Money paid for projects to firms with strong lobbying influence that never get completed or suffer huge overruns

As your representative, I will fight to ensure that our country and national interests are protected, and will work tirelessly to seal our border, defeat terrorism, and support actions that preserve and defend our liberty, while doing so in a more financially responsible manner.