Need To Become More Business Friendly And Maximize Opportunity!

The economic recession has hit many of us hard, my family included. As the owner of a family business, my family has had to cope with the challenges. The job losses suffered across the district have touched many of those close to me. I want to let you know personally that I sympathize for those whose lives have been badly impacted, and that I can relate to what you are going through.

With history at our backs, we must now figure out how to pick up the pieces and rebuild. Kansans are tough people and I have always found their optimism and work ethic to be profound. As your representative, and a business owner here in Kansas, I want to see our economy flourish and jobs be plentiful going forward. In order for this to occur, there are really two economies with which to contend, and is going to require the right steps be taken at both a national and state level.

At a national level, I have laid out details around the national policies that I will fight for in order to create a stronger economy (click here). Here is a summary:

* Tax Reform at the national level (adopt on the Fair Tax)
* Federal Spending Discipline
* Smaller Federal Government
* Monetary Policy Reform
* More Free Trade
* Let Free Markets Work
* Accelerated Depreciation
* Litigation Reform
* Fast-Track Permitting
* Reduced Regulation

The national economy is only part of the story, and Kansas has the ability to perform above or below the national level. Our goal should be to make our state the best in which to do business, taking lessons from a state like Texas, not California.

If we want to improve, we need to:

* Tax Reform at the state level (adopt the Fair Tax)
* Open Up New Markets
* Reduce Regulatory Burdens
* Improve Permitting Time
* Continue To Foster Entrepreneurship
* Further Diversify Our Economic Base

We are fortunate to have several strong industries, including education, health care, energy, agriculture, cattle, aviation and aerospace. Several of those are very cyclical, which has proven very difficult during economic slowdowns. Kansas, including the 4th district, has plentiful land, competitive energy and labor costs, and is at the center point of the country. We have the tools for success.

My constituents will be able to trust me to fight to ensure that global markets are not unfairly closed off, such as we have seen with beef, and when any representative, including the President, makes disparaging remarks about one of our industries, I will vocally defend the district/state.

As your representative, I will work tirelessly to improve our national economy, which will go a long way towards improving the economy here in our district and across the state. Additionally, I will work with state/local representatives on plans to help improve Kansas’ competitive position, seeking input from knowledgeable people in both the academic and private sector. As a small business owner and father of three, I want the future of Kansas’ economy, including that of our district, to be even brighter than it is today.