No More Lawyers, Elitists, Career Politicians, and Moderate RINOs!

This election is about giving the voters in the 4th district a choice, where I stand alone as the people's candidate. We have learned that just because someone is a Republican that alone does not mean that they will represent you. Representation is about selecting someone who shares your values, your concerns, and your dreams.

Does the size of a candidate's bank account mean you should vote for them?

It is not about which candidate has the most money in the bank. How does having money in the bank, in and of itself, make someone qualified to be your representative? Jim is may not have the biggest warchest, but that is becasue he is unwilling to accept money from anyone who is going to expect special favors.

Does business experience alone make the candidate qualified?

Just having business experience alone does not make you qualified to be your representative, as all the candidates running have business experience.

Jim brings the complete package!

We want our representatives to be balanced, principled, and trustworthy. I bring experience in business, aviation, law enforcement, have held top security clearance, and have traveled the world and witnessed what makes America great (click here to see Jim's bio). I am a good husband and father, and am active in my church and as a volunteer in the community. We are a modest, hardworking family, who share the hopes and dreams of making this country better for our children and grandchildren.

What Does The Tea Party Movement Tell Us About This Race?

The tea parties and town halls that have taken this country by storm, have enabled normal, concerned American Patriots, the ability to have their voices heard. They are telling us NO MORE! The race here in the 4th district is made up of the types of candidates that have contributed to the mess that we find ourselves in.

Who made the mess?

* Lawyers handpicked by the big party bosses because of their committeeman position
* Elitists who have openly stated that money can buy an election
* Career politicians who will not sign a term limits or earmarks pledge
* Moderate RINOs (Republican In Name Only) who are less conservative than some of their Democrat counterparts

So given what Einstein said about insanity I must ask the question, why would we ever elect to send more of them to Washington?

It is time to get back to citizen government, sending strong, Reagan conservative principled representatives to Washington, who are not worried about being popular and will not accept money from anyone wanting favors.

I have given the people of the district a pledge (click here), the only candidate to do so, which shows where my loyalty lies. As you consider which candidate should receive your vote, I know that Kansans are a very special breed of people, and I am confident that they will see through the same old tired politics, and move towards a brighter tomorrow. Our children and grandchildren are counting on you to send someone who you will be able to trust, and who will help reverse the tyranny and shadow of debt that exists today.

The tea parties and town halls have told us that they want someone from outside the beltway, outside the political establishment. That is why I have been branded the anti-establishment candidate. Not long ago, I was sitting right where you are, and wanted a normal citizen, to stand and fight. I made the decision to do it, and am ready for the challenge .

If you give me the honor to serve you, I can assure you that I may be a junior congressman, but I will not carry a junior voice!

I hope to earn your vote.

Thank You, God Bless Kansas, And God Bless The United States of America.