I Pledge To Restore & Protect Our Country’s Foundation!

As the Constitutional Conservative in this race, I am committed to returning the Federal Government to its constitutional mandates, and restoring power to the states and its citizens.

The U.S. Constitution is arguably the single greatest governmental feat in the history of the world. It is the foundation of our country, and with the weakening of any foundation, the entire structure is poised the fall apart.

The simple system set in place by the Founding Fathers, who were wise men, was designed this way for a reason. They foresaw the problems that we face today with a runaway Federal Government and massive debt.

Republicans have also willingly contributed to these problems. While I am a registered Republican, I am an American first, a conservative second, and a Republican third.

There are too many who believe that the Constitution is either incomplete, inadequate for the 21st century or are Progressives who want to abolish it altogether. They simply do not get it. From the beginning, I have been identified as the Constitutional Conservative in this race, not because it is popular, but because I have always understand that it is central to our republic. I give my promise to fight to return our Federal Government to the mandates they were given as defined by the Constitution, eliminating or privatizing most programs, and returning the power to the states and its citizens.

No more “Contracts With America.” We already have one, it is the Constitution, but we need representatives like me, who will follow it.