No Way, No How…No Compromise!

When it comes to manmade global warming, I am still trying to figure out what warming problem we are trying to solve. The only global warming problem we have is the hot air coming out of Washington and the other radical liberals from around the globe.

The facts are these. The planet has always had and will always have warming and cooling cycles. The effects regulated by the sun and oceans hold more influence than anything that humans can control. Just as recently as a few decades ago, the scare was around global cooling. Now it is about warming.

The evidence shows that the planet has actually been cooling for the last decade, and when confronted with the evidence, these so called “scientists” say that this is just a pause and that we should trust them. Well, we can definitely trust them to destroy and alter data, and purposely mislead the public. Bottom line, manmade global warming, or is it climate change, whichever is most convenient to blame on the U.S., is a scam.

For as much as the U.S. is being singled out, the U.S., which was rightfully unwilling to join the leftist Kyoto protocol, has done more to reduce its CO2 per unit of GDP than those who signed it.

Cap-and-trade, which has already failed in Europe, represents an attack on economic prosperity, jobs and purposely prevents the poorest nations from seeing an improvement in their standard of living.

As your representative I will fight against this attack on our sovereignty and our way of life. No compromises.